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Many people believe in having their futures read, either via mediums or using old astrology recipes. It might be that people are gullible, but it might be there is a reason why people consistently believe that the stars can predict the future and why people have destinies lying ahead of them. It feels good to know we are connected to something bigger, and a psychic reading could be the best start.
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It goes without saying that people are drawn to predictions about the future through fantastical means, and this broad interest is often called divination. Some people think it is magic, other people think it is a fact that we have fixed futures and that spiritual forces just give people the information sometimes. What is true is that omens excite people because they promise more than the mundane.

Astrology in fact has been around for thousands of years and had such a deeply ingrained following that the movements of planets were taken seriously well into the 19th and 20th centuries. People still have an interest in it as a source of pleasure and identity, and a large number of people continue to have an interest, believing the heavens really do affect their fate. 

Astrology has a relationship with astronomy because accurately following the planets is key to using planetary positions to make predictions. Astronomy was originally studied on the top of staircase temples that behaved as primitive observatories. Since the stars revealed both the season and the planetary positions, this was a great interest both to Mesopotamian religion and early stargazers.
Astronomy was originally studied because the seasons and the heavenly bodies were believed to be divine. At the most basic level, watching the stars helped to predict planting seasons and floods. This ability to predict nature was then extended into the belief that the stars could affect the course of lives and nations. Astronomy today is independent of astrology, but the two are historically intertwined.
Horoscopes provide a relatively simple way of making decisions according to which year you were born. For a more comprehensive prediction, it becomes necessary to talk to people who have connections with the next world, either through the deceased or through an innate ability. A psychic reading can be quite insightful if a credible source can be found.

Without question, depending on a psychic reading is also contentious in the modern age. People still believe in it because there is much relief from hearing from deceased loved ones or getting powerful advice from some otherworldly beyond. There is a legitimate reason to believe because human life is much too extraordinary not to believe in some sort of extra-dimensional connection.
If we are connected to a spirit world, then it is possible that people go there when they die. It is also possible that the denizens of another world want to communicate and make an exchange with people. Whatever the case, life is extraordinary, there is credible evidence of the next life, and a psychic reading can help you retrieve information while still in this world.